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Walt's Renovations was founded by me Walter Castillo with three core principles in mind, utmost customer service,  an unwavering desire to produce top quality work,  and maintaining the ability to provide the lowest estimates in the area.  We are able to do this by keeping overhead very low, and our attention to detail extremely high.

You, our valued customer never pay for an expensive showroom, or fancy new trucks, just for the work performed on your home.  For Walt's Remodeling your home is a passion not just a job.

I have spent the last 20 years working in the building and remodeling practices. We use the finest materials available for our clients. Not all builders can remodel because of the unique skill set it takes to mend existing structures and new fresh designs. 

Our talented team of carpenters enjoy the exciting and often times intricate details that our clients approach us with. We are happy to work with home owners, architects, and designers alike.


Our team can intrigate seamlessly into any design team or operation.

Having worked with many local residents we are happy to refer the right people for the job if needed. At any point in your remodel or build whether just planning or while looking for installation carpenters we can help. Often times our real time cost analysis is helpful for prospective clients while they work to mend desired designs and a firm budget.

  • Job Site Safety

  • Job Cleanliness

  • Timely Completion

Are all guaranteed to you by the Walt's Remodeling!

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